My Favorite Rameau!!

I’ve been remembering clearly, the shocking emotional feeling when I listened Rameau’s piano at the first time.

That was a few years ago. I have a music friend, he is my neighbors and he is my papa friend I am also very good friend with his wife, too. He is a bit older than me and look not like a typical Japanese man, he is very intelligence and his everything is quite unique. He is also very much familiar to music and had so many CD and records. One day, we exchange both recommend CDs, though I don’t remember what I borrowed to him… He choose the classical piano piece of Robert Casadesus.

Casadesus’ Rameau “Classical and Energetic”クラシックの王道

At that time, I have not known about Casadesus and didn’t know who is Rameau the composer. Shame on me that he is greatly great of 18th century’s French composer of the late Baroque period.

I felt how beautiful and a bit irony Rameau was, and I was shocked like getting struck by lightning when I listen ” Gavotte et six doubles” .

Robert Casadesus’s was I can express ” very classical and energetic” I want to listen when I want to get energy and concentrate myself.

Kudritskawa’s Rameau ” So Romantic” うっとり系

After that I was totally love Rameau. Then I found Natacha Kudritskaya from Ukrine. Her music video of Rameau was just so romantic. Should watch it!

I have been watching Kudritskaya’s this video many times. It is my favorite.

Bruce Liu’s Rameau ” extremely Beautiful”水面を静かに滑る白鳥のよう。

Then Next…

When I have been the concert of Bruce Liu 2023 feb. My best friend is a big fan of Bruce. I haven’t known well about Bruce but my friend call him ”ブルース君♪” She asked me to go to the concert so just I went together. BUT! As everyone know Bruce is a super star as a winner of International Chopin Piano Competition on 2021. My friend told me “He often choose the pieces not only major but also beautiful but not known well , That choice was very cool. He says he want to introduce those not famous but beautiful historical pieces like Rameau, Alkan for many young generations.”

I was very impressed when he plays Rameau at the encore. even he is young pianist but his prefer pieces are always very mature I feel. He has a high sense. I am so happy he release many pieces of Rameau. I could get to know many new Rameau world!! Thanks so much, Mr. Liu!!!!